jumpToPage v1.0.1 (freeware Frontier Script)

This Frontier Script adds a nice little feature to your webpages, a dropdown or popup list of pages to jump to.


The script will return a nice informative page to the user if someone has setup a page outside of your server to hijack your CGI.

It will use javascript if the users browser supports it to automagically jump to a page, without the user having to click on the button when a new page is selected from the list.

If a person just clicks on the button without selecting a page they are sent to a page with instructions on how to use it.

It will work with Frames.

Installing this stuff

Install the script for this function into your Frontier Root by double clicking on it and answering yes to the dialog, then modify the "OKServer" part of the script to the domain name of your server, and then save your root.

View the source of this file (readme.html) and then copy the form data to your html file and modify it so that all the <OPTION VALUE> tags have URLs and descriptions that are valid for your site. Add more as you need them.

Modify the <OPTION SELECTED VALUE> tag so that it points at the jumphelp.html file and place this entire line at the bottom for a popUP list or leave it at the top for a dropDOWN list.

Modify the jumphelp.html page so that the <OPTION VALUE> tags have URLs and descriptions that are valid for your site and place it at the root level of you website.

And most of all have fun with this.

Using the "jumpToPage" Script with Frames

If you want to use this script with frames and have the function/popup in one frame but have the jumped to page open in another frame here is what you do.

You will need to modify the first line of the form like this:

Original first line:

<form name="jumpform" method="post" action="jumpToPage.fcgi">

New first line:

<form name="jumpform" method="post" action="jumpToPage.fcgi" target="NAME_OF_TARGET_FRAME">

Replace NAME_OF_TARGET_FRAME with the name of the target frame you want "jumpToPage" to open the jumped to page in.

Have fun, Paul Didzerekis

** Jump to a Page **

You can download the Frontier script that makes the above function work at: