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This page contains links to some of the software we have written or modified to make our own lives easier here at Three Rivers Internet or to provide better service to our customers. We are one of the many Macintosh based Website authoring and hosting companies on the internet and as such ALL of this software is to support Macintosh based web servers like WebSTAR and QuidProQuo. We are making this software available for download as either freeware, shareware, or other. Each item will be marked as appropriate and will have a list of requirements if there are any.

Lasso/FileMakerPro Stuff

Frontier Stuff

NOTE: All of these were written with and for use in Frontier Version 4.2.3 unless otherwise stated. If you plan to use any of these with Frontier 5.x you (not me) will need to make any needed changes. I will be happy to custom tailor any of these to fit your needs if you are willing to pay us. Please see our Services and Pricing page for current prices.

Other Stuff

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