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Search Methods

Our Search supports a number of different methods for performing searches.

Description Search

Simply describe the information that you want. For example, "Website hosting account information."

Question Search

Ask a question that you want answered. For example, "What are your current website hosting accounts?"

Keyword Search

List important keywords relevant to your search topic. For example, "hosting account website information"

Boolean Keyword Search

Refine a keyword search using boolean operators.




& AND Finds only documents containing all of the specific words or phrases. For example, "website & hosting" finds documents with both the word "website" and the word "hosting".
| OR Finds documents containing at least one of the specified words or phrases. For example, "website | hosting" finds documents containing either "website" or "hosting". The found documents could contain both, but do not have to.
! AND NOT Excludes documents containing the specific word or phrase. For example, "website ! hosting" finds documents containing "website" but not containing "hosting". As with the & and | operators, ! must appear between two terms.
[ ] Grouping Used to group portions of boolean queries together for more complicated queries. For example, "website & [hosting | design] ! turtles" finds documents containing "website" and either "hosting" or "design" but not "turtles".

Similar Document Search

After you perform an initial search, every matching document description will contain a "More like this" link that allows you to automatically search for similar documents.

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