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Three Rivers Internet is a partnership, based in Richland, Washington. The owners, Debbie and Paul Didzerekis have over 30 years combined experience in the computer and internet industries. The owners and all outside consultants have the formal training, knowledge and expertise necessary to produce, host and maintain professional websites.

We strive to provide every customer with personalized service and are always willing to listen to suggestions or comments about how we can improve the services we offer.


Three Rivers Internet utilizes all Macintosh computers for Web, FTP, DNS, Chat, Database and Email Servers. This allows us to keep our Cost of Ownership (COO) down which in turn helps us keep our prices down. Another reason we utilize Macintosh computers for our servers is because they are not inherently vulnerable to malicious attacks like other kinds of servers are notorious for. We maintain both Macintosh and IBM compatible desktop computers with current versions of the software necessary to accomplish all tasks associated with the services we offer. For more information and examples of why we use Macintosh servers please take a look at "Why Host on a Macintosh?"


We utilize a variety of software on our servers to provide our clients with the services and options they want and need to make their websites do exactly what they want. From running the newest versions of all server applications to plug-ins and CGIs that add functionality and dynamic content to a website to custom written back-end programs that provide automated backups, and more. We can even custom create programs that will fulfill special needs as they arise.


Besides the obvious services we offer in the way of providing you with exceptional website design, hosting and marketing, database programming, computer upgrades/maintenance, and more we are constantly at work behind the scenes maintaining up to the minute knowledge of what is going on in the computer and internet industries. This is imperative if we are to provide you with the highest quality and most affordable service possible.

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